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How to Prepare for a Video Job Interview

Technology is changing the way news employers conduct job interviews. Many interviews now are done by video, rather than in the office. The impression you make can significantly influence your chances of landing the job. These tips will help you to prepare for a video job interview and ensure everything goes smoothly.

Set up the correct app

First, you want to install and set up the correct app for your interview. Although Zoom and Skype are top-rated video apps, never assume that's what your potential employer is using. If you're not sure which app you'll need, ask beforehand.

Get familiar with the app

If you're unfamiliar with the video app you'll be using for your job interview, search YouTube for tutorials to get comfortable with it first. Follow along with the tutorial, playing around with the app until you know what you're doing. Also, go through the settings in the app for your camera and microphone to make sure they're working correctly.

Make a trial call

Don't wait until the day of your interview to test your video app. Always do a test run first. Once you get things set up on your end, make a trial video call to be sure things work on the other end too. Get a friend's comments on the camera angle and light balance, and whether there is any lag or stuttering in your video or audio, to see if any adjustments are necessary.

Focus on presentation

Just because a video job interview takes place from home doesn't mean you can be overly casual. Presentation matters for any job interview, so dress as you would if you were meeting at an office. Even though it might seem unnecessary to dress up (since the interviewer can't see your whole body), anything can happen at home. If you have to get up for some reason, you don't want to be "caught with your pants down", wearing boxers or pajama bottoms.

Remove any distractions

A few minutes before your job interview starts, take a look around your space and remove any distractions. Put pets in another room, mute your cell phone, turn off the TV or radio in the background, and make sure friends and family know not to interrupt you during this time. Another source of potential distraction that you might not have considered is the mess or clutter behind you. Clean it up. It might not seem relevant to you, but it certainly can be to your interviewer.

Now, take it easy and breathe. With some advance prep work, you'll ace that video interview, and be on your way to an exciting new job.