Games Journalism: How to Find Journalism Jobs Within the Games Industry

Games journalism is a super hot writing sector for those with an affinity for gaming. Everyone from Apps developers (distributed blockchain and cryptocurrency apps) to eSports companies are on the hunt for writers who can craft exceptional content about their products.

If you think a career as a games journalist might be for you, following are a few resources you should check out for career opportunities.
Video Game Journalism Jobs
Video Games Journalism Jobs is a must-discover resource for those wanting to earn a living writing about games. This awesome writing job website features everything from freelance writing gigs to gaming jobs that offer per-view compensation.

Discover career opportunities as an editor within the games journalism sector or find freelance writing clients who want games reviews. Be sure to bookmark this site on your browser as it's one you'll likely return to on a daily basis.


This news industry specific site is an excellent resource for those looking for a news job.  Search for 'video games reporter' and find jobs from a variety of news and journalism sites.
Indeed is another excellent resource for those looking for writing jobs within the video games sector. Search for 'video games' within your country and find jobs for everything from a games tester to a narrative writer for video game developers. Not only will you discover writing opportunities, you'll uncover companies actively hiring that you can add to your list of potential contacts within the games sector.
Thanks to their increasing focus on job listings, Google is now a fabulous place to discover writing jobs within the games development sector. Find technical writing jobs at major gaming studios or hunt for games journalism jobs at up-and-coming startups within the gaming sector. You can search for full-time, part-time, and contractor roles as well as internships if you want to hone your writing skills while making industry connections.
Reddit is a terrific place to search for gaming companies hiring staff. Not only can you find hiring forum posts, you can advertise your freelance writing skills for free to gaming companies. Reddit lets you have forum conversations with those in the games industry, while increasing your SEO (search engine optimization) for keywords related to games journalism and freelance writing.
Incorporate these job-hunting tips into your freelance writing career and you'll have a steady flow of writing opportunities to check out. Build a reputation as a talented games writer and you'll be amazed at how much you can earn within this exploding writing sector.