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FeedSyndicate Miami, FL, USA
Nov 15, 2018
You'll be responsible for developing server side applications and for support ongoing service and product development. You will work individually or as part of a small team to extend and maintain the functionality of the distribution API to the web, middle, and database tier. Design, implement, and maintain object oriented Perl code Write clean, readable, well-commented, well-documented, modular, extensible, reusable, and high-performance code Estimate development time based on software requirements. Create functional specifications, test plans, and software documentations. Consult concerning maintenance and performance of software systems. Responsibilities: Design, implement, and maintain object oriented Perl code Write clean, readable, well-commented, well-documented, modular, extensible, reusable, and high-performance code Estimate development time based on software requirements. Create functional specifications, test plans, and software documentations. Consult concerning maintenance and performance of software systems. Requirements: 3-5 years paid experience as object oriented Perl developer. Experience programing, using and operating in a LAMP environment, preferably SUSE. Experience in Perl DBI, XML, XSLT, and other Perl modules. Strong MySQL. Perl/mod_perl, Apache, and *NIX/Linux skills. Quick learner, self starter, self motivated. Ability to function in fast-paced, dynamic, entreprenurial environment. Effective communication skills (written and oral), and strong interpersonal skills. Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering preferred. Desired: AJAX. Other development languages. High availability MySQL replication. News CMS experience a plus.

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Games journalism is a super hot writing sector for those with an affinity for gaming. Everyone from Apps developers (distributed blockchain and cryptocurrency apps) to eSports companies are on the hunt for writers who can craft exceptional content about their products. If you think a career as a games journalist might be for you, following are a few resources you should check out for career opportunities.   Video Game Journalism Jobs   Video Games Journalism Jobs is a must-discover resource for those wanting to earn a living writing about games. This awesome writing job website features everything from freelance writing gigs to gaming jobs that offer per-view compensation. Discover career opportunities as an editor within the games journalism sector or find freelance writing clients who want games reviews. Be sure to bookmark this site on your browser as it's one you'll likely return to on a daily basis. JournJobs This news industry specific site is an excellent resource for those looking for a news job.  Search for 'video games reporter' and find jobs from a variety of news and journalism sites.   Indeed   Indeed is another excellent resource for those looking for writing jobs within the video games sector. Search for 'video games' within your country and find jobs for everything from a games tester to a narrative writer for video game developers. Not only will you discover writing opportunities, you'll uncover companies actively hiring that you can add to your list of potential contacts within the games sector.   Google   Thanks to their increasing focus on job listings, Google is now a fabulous place to discover writing jobs within the games development sector. Find technical writing jobs at major gaming studios or hunt for games journalism jobs at up-and-coming startups within the gaming sector. You can search for full-time, part-time, and contractor roles as well as internships if you want to hone your writing skills while making industry connections.   Reddit   Reddit is a terrific place to search for gaming companies hiring staff. Not only can you find hiring forum posts, you can advertise your freelance writing skills for free to gaming companies. Reddit lets you have forum conversations with those in the games industry, while increasing your SEO (search engine optimization) for keywords related to games journalism and freelance writing.   Incorporate these job-hunting tips into your freelance writing career and you'll have a steady flow of writing opportunities to check out. Build a reputation as a talented games writer and you'll be amazed at how much you can earn within this exploding writing sector.
Do you have aspirations of becoming the next Ernest Hemingway? Do you like being "in the know," on a first-name basis with government leaders, high-profile developers, or personalities?                      Do you like being sought by folks who want to tell their story, run for political office, or publicize their business? Or do you want to earn a steady income doing what you love, writing? Consider becoming a news reporter. Local news outlets are a great place to build your portfolio quickly. You can also make it a stepping stone to magazines, free-lance writing, wire services, syndicates, public relations/advertising, publishing or authorship. The lifestyle of a news reporter is fun, yet demanding, often requiring long hours at government meetings, in courtrooms, or in front of the computer, conducting research, making telephone calls and writing news stories. Dedication requires the reporter to represent his employer if he/she happens to be on the scene when news happens, no matter what the time. A dedicated reporter also is expected to offer help during major news events like hurricanes or floods, even if they fall on his/her off days. A dedicated reporter can be caught reading their own, or a competing news outlet or magazine, even on their off time. They'll frequently listen to many television broadcasts. They're also likely to be avid readers, devouring books as a hobby. While news reporters have the reputation of being a bit pushy, sometimes obnoxiously pushy, many reporters would describe themselves as a bit shy. The mild-mannered reporter who folks have come to know and trust is likely to be first person getting a hot news tip. Because even reporters can specialize, these shy types eventually can settle into a feature writing job about gardening, or write about local sports, without having to be very aggressive. It is the muckraker, an investigative reporter writing about government-related or business scandals, who likely will fall behind for lack of aggression. These scandals attract reporters from various media, making the job much more competitive. So how do you actually get one of these coveted reporting jobs? We'll take a look at several important steps. Step One — Keep up with current events by reading your local news outlets and listening to broadcast news. Consider subscribing to a well respected news outlets like The New York Times or The Miami Herald. Read them faithfully, paying attention to how articles are crafted. Step Two  — While a degree in journalism or mass communications is nice to have it is by no means a requirement. Get training/references in news writing and reporting from sites like Poynter's Poynter's News University, which offers more than 400 courses to help future journalists . Be sure to take advantage of opportunities to write and edit your school newspaper. Train to work for online news outlets to broaden your base of opportunities. Learn how to use a common professional news content management systems. Step Three  — Be an intern. Seek opportunities to intern at a local news operation during the summer or school year. Take advantage of this time to learn as much as you can, make valuable contacts, build your portfolio, and get professional references. Step Four  — Consider becoming a news stringer as a part-time job while you're in school. The small part-time assignment could bloom into a full-time job when you graduate. Step Five — Go for your dream. Apply to the news outlets, wire services, or major metro news organizations. Don't wait for them to run an ad. The ad will bring piles of competition. Be willing to take an intern job, if necessary. Consider starting as a copy editor, but be sure to let them know you want to be a reporter so they can plan to give you the job when it becomes available. Step Six  — If you fail to get hired at your dream organization, or if you're not sure where you want to work, check news job resources like and other online job boards and upload your resume. send letters of application, along with your resume, to a big batch of eligible employers. Offer samples of your work and references. Step Seven — Be sure to follow up, providing all requested information. Step Eight — When an editor requests an interview, dress professionally. Yes, even consider buying a suit, depending on the size and reputation of the news organization. (A suit probably is not necessary for small news outlets.) Even at larger news outlets, reporters typically wear casual, comfortable clothing, although suits and dressier clothing are required for some jobs. An interview is definitely time to pull out the suit at these newspapers. In any event, look professional and resist the temptation to wear your tattered jeans. They may not be allowed because you represent your employer where-ever you go on assignment. Step Nine  — Prepare for your interview by learning about the company beforehand. Plan to answer basic questions like why you would be an asset to their news staff and why you would like to work there. Be prepared to talk a little bit about yourself, but have questions to ask about the company and an editor's expectations. Check into the area's cost of living beforehand. Editors can and do negotiate on occasion, so you should know your salary requirements and politely let them know your needs. The salary on your first job may not be negotiable, however, so avoid appearing greedy. Step Ten  — Repeat the application and interview process as necessary until you land the big dream job! Once on the job, you may find yourself writing death or engagement notices, or covering police news. If you are assigned to cover suburban news, you may monitor local government, schools, police and courthouse events, take your own photographs and write features. It's a great place to learn the ropes and find out what assignments you like best. Consider joining the local press club or journalism organization like the Fourth Estate or the Society of Professional Journalists to make more contacts and establish yourself.    
Getting a job offer can feel like the light at the end of the tunnel when you've been engaged in an intensive job search. However, don't let your relief at receiving an offer cloud your judgment. Here are some basic tips to help you negotiate the best deal you can get. Know What You're Worth Your value as an employee goes beyond what your current salary is. Your experience, the unique skills you bring to the table and, most importantly, what the company would be willing to pay someone like you are all factors to keep in mind when you begin to negotiate. Research as much as you can about what type of compensation others in your position are getting, and make that your goal. Keep Non-Monetary Benefits in Mind Salary is not the only consideration. Benefits, opportunities for advancement, and scheduling flexibility are all perks that work for your benefit. Where a company may fall short in salary, they can make up for in generous time off, a good relationship with management, and other factors that are difficult to quantify. Before negotiating, clarify in your own mind what is important to you in a job and how much those benefits are worth in lieu of cash and freedom. Show Enthusiasm and Self-Assurance Smiling, strong eye contact, and carrying yourself with confidence are all ways to make your position stronger during negotiations. Show them through your body language and attitude how much they stand to benefit from hiring you. Be Prepared to Decline Ideally, it won't come to this, but be ready to say no if they are not willing to give you what you are worth. Even if you feel like your position is desperate, do not let it show. If the other party is aware that you are willing to walk away from the negotiations, it makes them more willing to accommodate your requests. Lock in the Deal When the negotiations are wrapping up and you've gotten the deal you want, make sure to lock it in before ending the conversation. Salary, benefits, and anything else that has been agreed on needs to be put in writing as soon as possible. This protects you by clarifying what terms were set and leaves no room for the company to waffle about it later. Remember that negotiations are an expected part of accepting a job offer, and approach the discussion with confidence in your value as an employee. Potential employers will take note, putting you in a stronger position for bargaining and increasing your chances of reaching an agreement that is ideal.
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